Import a Rumba Animation in Maya

Import a Rumba animation back into Maya, over existing Maya assets using the Rumba animation format.

Prepare a Maya scene assembly

First, make a Maya assembly using references on the assets used in the Rumba animation. The reference prefixes must match the Asset nodes used in Rumba :


The Rumba assembly, using Asset nodes.


The Maya assembly, using references and prefixes.

Import the Rumba animation

Press the Import Rumba Animation import_animation button on the Rumba shelf, and select your rumba project.

This command exports a temporary .rumbaanim file and applies it to your selected controllers, or on all the controllers if nothing is selected.

You can also directly import a previously exported .rumbaanim file.

You can script all this, see Import a .rumba or a .rumbaanim file back into Maya.


The Rumba deformation tools (like the sculpt or the sticky deformer) won’t be exported using that workflow.