Purchase Licenses

To purchase licenses, please write to or visit .

Free Demo License

If you run Rumba with no license, Rumba will ask for a demo license to our online license server. To do that you have to be online and your computer must be able to access the license server.

Single License

Copy your rumba.license file in the Rumba installation folder.

If you want to use another location or filename for the license file, set the environment variable RUMBA_LICENSE_FILE with the path to the license file. See Environment Variables.

Floating licenses

To use the floating license system, you have to install the provided license server and configure the clients computers.

The server is available for Linux only.

Install The Server

Download the and the melm.license files.

Run sudo --license=melm.license and follow the instructions.

For a manual installation, run --help.

Server Control

  • Start the server : sudo systemctl start mercenaries-engineering-license-server

  • Stop the server : sudo systemctl stop mercenaries-engineering-license-server

  • Restart the server : sudo systemctl restart mercenaries-engineering-license-server

  • Read the server logs : sudo journalctl -e

Server Monitor

The server monitor is available at the url : https://hostname:19220

Client Configuration

Make sure the environment variable RUMBA_LICENSE_SERVER=hostname is set on all the clients computers.