Keyboard Shortcuts

Default shortcuts

This is the list of the _default_ shortcuts. This list may not be up-to-date il you have modified the shortcuts.

Main Window

Action Shortcut
Add Keys S
All Asset Controllers Ctrl+A
Backup and Save Ctrl+Alt+S
Breakdown B
Delete Del
Delete Animation Ctrl+Del
Deselect All Alt+D
Enable Sound M
Enter Full Screen F11
First Frame Ctrl+J
First Key Ctrl+U
Flip Alt+F
Frame View F
Hide Ctrl+H
Last Frame Ctrl+K
Last Key Ctrl+I
Library Ctrl+L
Mirror Alt+M
New Ctrl+N
Next Frame K
Next Key I
Open Ctrl+O
Paste Ctrl+V
Play Space
Previous Frame J
Previous Key U
Profile Ctrl+Shift+X
Redo Ctrl+Y
Rename F2
Save Ctrl+S
Save As Ctrl+Shift+S
Select Set Ctrl+Return
Settings Ctrl+,
Show H
Undo Ctrl+Z
Undo Blend Z


Action Shortcut
Annotate A
Cancel Esc
Decrease tool size Ctrl+-
Decrease tool thickness Alt+-
Increase tool size Ctrl++
Increase tool thickness Alt++
Next Tool T
Previous Tool Shift+T
Rotate E
Scale R
Select Q
Shaded F1
Switch Viewports Cameras Shift+Space
Translate W
Validate Enter
Wireframe F2
Wireframe on Shaded F3


Action Shortcut
Move Layer Down Ctrl+Down
Move Layer Up Ctrl+Up


Action Shortcut
Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Insert Time Ins
Remove Time Backspace

Curve Editor

Action Shortcut
Auto Tangents Shift+A
Break Tangents Shift+B
Custom Tangents Shift+C
Delete Keys Del
Flat Tangents Shift+F
Linear Tangents Shift+L
Move Tangents W
Rotate and Scale Tangents E
Scale Keys R
Spline Tangents Shift+I
Step Tangents Shift+P
Unify Tangents Shift+U


Action Shortcut
Update F5

Display and edit the shortcuts

To show and edit keyboard shortcuts go to : Windows > Shortcuts Manager


You can filter the list of shortcuts with keywords.

Filtering Shortcuts

Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

To edit a shortcut, double-click on the shortcut and enter a new key or combination of keys.

Editing Shortcuts

Restore defaults

Click on Restore Default to restore the original shortcuts.


Your personal shortcut configuration is stored in the file YOUR_HOME_DIRECTORY/.rumba/preferences/shortcuts.json