Release Notes

New In Version 1.0-rc.3

Release date: 2020-07-01


  • No more limitation in the Non-Commercial license !

Bug Fixes

  • Better support for AMD GPU (Radeon Pro WX 8200 on Windows 10)

MTORBA improvement

  • Video and documentation about how to prepare a Rig in Maya for Rumba

  • Better tools to create and setup manipulators in Maya

  • Includes the weightDriver plug-in by BraveRabbit,

  • Includes the main MGear plug-ins,

  • Support for the ikSpringSolver

  • Better support for motionPath and splineIk

New In Version 1.0-rc.2

Release date: 2020-05-25


You already know an FK arm can be moved in IK in Rumba.


In the rc2, you can now move an IK arm in FK.


TSM rigs support. Rumba provides also a better TSM (The Setup Machine) rigs compatibility. Here is a direct export of the TSM3 sample.

Bug Fixes

  • New controllers where not hidden during playback nor by the controller filter switch
  • Better support for AMD GPU (Radeon 550 on Windows 10)
  • Better support for Intel GPU (Iris 550 on Windows 10, Intel HD Graphics 630 on Windows 10)
  • Better support for Wacom tablets, virtual sliders where broken
  • Wacom tablets can use the zoom in picture feature with CTRL+MMB
  • Random crash after loading and in Replace Reference

MTORBA Improvement

  • The tool which transfers the manipulator painting from a shape to another one has been re-written
  • Add makeThreePointCircularArc, nearestPointOnCurve support
  • pointOnCurveInfo, deleteComponent improvement
  • The ikHandle transform was not exported

New In Version 1.0-rc.1

Release date: 2020-05-08

  • You can now open and close documents
  • The mouse wheel now zooms the viewport

Unload/Reload references

Replace a rig for another one


Even if Rumba is very tight in memory, you may need to free the cache memory to do a nice playblast or handle a very large scene.


Rumba can now export sub samples in alembic files, here we have 1, 2, 3 and 5 samples rendered in Guerilla.

  • A Tool to remap the missing filenames at loading
  • Preview of the playblast aspect ratio in the viewport
  • Supports selection set coming from the Maya


  • Better NurbsCurve and NurbsSurface API
  • New MeshEdit API interface
  • A new API to export Alembic files, with support for the sub-samples
  • Python API documentation
  • More Python API binding

Bug Fixes

  • Animated alembic camera attributes are correctly read
  • A default layer is automatically created in an empty scene
  • A corrupted data model was leading to a wrong saved file, making it unable to be reopened
  • Crash report on Linux
  • Releasing a constraint with a transformed pivot was leading to a wrong position
  • Using the breakdown tool with layers may create wrong values
  • Crash during the manipulation
  • Crash moving the mouse over the viewport
  • A crash using malformed maracas expressions
  • Faster delete keys
  • Reduce the Alembic and cache memory usage
  • Smoother play and scrubbing
  • Lot more fixes..

MTORBA Improvement

  • avgCurve better support
  • blendShape dedicated plug-in
  • closestPointOnSurface support
  • deleteComponent support
  • detachCurve support
  • expression support for clamp and rand(), rand returns 0
  • loft better support
  • motionPath support
  • polyEdgeToCurve support
  • polyMergeVert support
  • polyMoveVertex support
  • polyNormal support
  • polyTweak support
  • ramp support
  • rebuildCurve support
  • rebuildSurface support
  • A Maya shelf tool to rename a manipulator
  • Better wrap with scaled geometries and nurbs surface drivers support
  • Smaller rumbanode files
  • nurbsSurface ControlPoints connections support