Tips to export your environment using mtorba

When animating, having the environment in the background is often useful. Rumba v1.0 handles alembic files, so you can export your set from your favorite 3D modeling software and import it directly into Rumba via the Referencing system (File -> Reference Node). However, since alembic files are not meant to transfer your shading information from…

How to set up and export a rig from Maya to Rumba

Introduction Welcome to this tutorial on how to set up your Maya rig to export and use it in Rumba. We will use the spiderman rig made by Jirawat Srisarntiwong and Yanin Srisarntiwong (available here) as our sample, download it to follow along. You will also need to install Autodesk® Maya® with the mGear plugin…

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