A 3d Animation Software

by Mercenaries Engineering, the Guerilla Render creators.

Because 3d animators are crucial in today’s animation and VFX productions, they deserve a productive and modern software dedicated to their art.

Rumba aims to be the best professional 3d animation solution on the market.

Designed from the ground-up for animation, Rumba makes the animation process fast and intuitive. It provides a real-time creative experience that reduces time-consuming tasks to let the animators focus on their artistic expression.

Easy Character Posing

Manipulate the rig in an intuitive way, simply by moving the geometry. Rumba’s manipulator paradigm allows animators to control each part of the character with the right tool at the right time. 

With selection-less manipulators on the geometry, fingers and hands dedicated manipulators, IK/FK and FK/IK transparent handling, posing has never been so easy.

Innovative Animation Workflows

Enhance the animation process with true non-destructive animation layers and easy-to-use constraint layers. 

Always keep each layer timing visible. Easily mix and merge animations. Drag n’ drop keyframes. Copy/paste over time, layers, controllers or characters.

Create your own animation workflow, whether it be traditional, keyframes and breakdowns, procedural or non-linear.

Animator Tools

Thanks to its innovative evaluation engine, Rumba can propose temporal editing tools, like the multi-frame pose edition or efficient motion trails. 

Designed with experienced animators, Rumba provides a large selection of tools to improve the animator’s day to day experience, such as a professional curve editor, great onion skin, a poses and clips library and more.

Unmatched Performance

Both in interaction and playback, Rumba delivers a performance level never reached before. 

Thanks to its efficient evaluation engine, interactions with the rig are way faster.

Rumba’s automatic caching system makes it possible to animate dozens of production rigs in real time.

Compatible With Your Maya Rigs

Rumba is compatible with (most) Autodesk Maya rigs.

Keep your current Maya rigging workflow as it is and use Rumba specific features to bring your rigs to the next level of productivity.

You can also ask our Rigging partner for a ready-to-animate Rumba rig !


Rumba is available on Linux and Windows.

Rumba is based on industry standards, notably Python, Alembic, ILMbase, OpenSubdiv, OpenImageIO and soon USD.

Many Rumba components, such as the library, manipulators or layers are delivered as open source plug-ins, and can be used as examples for your in-house customization.

The Rumba API is available in Python and C++. Rumba comes with an embedded Python script editor.

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