Release Notes

New In Version 1.1.6

Release date: 2021-04-12


  • Fix an infinite loop using the curve editor tangent modes


  • Add rotateHelper support

  • Fix various export crashes with Maya 2022

  • Fix rig cycles when transforms do not inherit


  • Improves the rumba::SpanSpan interface

New In Version 1.1.5

Release date: 2021-03-01

This release is mostly focused on improving MTORBA (Maya To Rumba).


  • The animation tool can now scroll when too large

  • Add a lock button on media layers

  • Select the content of a display layer using the middle mouse button


  • Improves the camera animation experience

  • Improves Nurbs speed and accuracy (evaluate, closest point, param from length)

  • Better Maya MTransformationMatrix API support

  • Better Maya Euler decomposition


  • New MGear solvers (matrixConstraint, springNode)

  • Faster motionPath

  • Enables cvWrap AVX support

  • Better arcLengthDimension

  • Better ffd

  • Better pointOnCurveInfo

  • Support quaternion component connections

  • Support for decomposeMatrix.inputRotateOrder

  • Support Maya 2022’s component tag

  • Fix splineIk on mirrored joints

  • Fix splineIk used with scale and advanced twist

  • Fix splineIk with connected root translation components

New In Version 1.1.3

Release date: 2021-12-15

More Animation Tools

  • Improves the mirror algorithm, we now compute a left <-> right transformation matrix based on the default rig pose

  • Mirror to left, mirror to right

  • Simplify curves

  • Bake keys, every keys, on 2’s…

  • Reset To Default is available in the main toolbar



  • Display layers


Assign assets and USD files to display layers and change their display overrides

  • Lock/unlock the UI

  • Command to select the layers where a controller is used

  • Command to open a file manager on the Rumba’s shortcut file

  • Drag and drop a file on a path attribute

  • Command to add the selection to the active layer


  • Fix input lags using Wacom tablets on Linux

  • Fix a crash when pasting in the timeline

  • Fix some UI glitches with a custom screen DPI

  • Hide some animation tools by default

  • Motion trails can be created from a manipulator selection

  • Animation curves for the layers attributes (i.e. layer.weight) are now visible in the curve editor


  • Add support for the Chad Vernon’s cvWrap plug-in

New In Version 1.1.2

Release date: 2021-12-01

More Animation Tools

New tools available in the curve editor :

  • Ease In / Ease Out

  • Blend To Snapshot

  • Blend To Neighbors


Copy / Paste in the viewport

  • Copy and paste poses with CTRL+C/CTRL+V directly in the viewport

  • Paste poses on multiple objects at once


Viewport copy/paste.

Pose Library

The pose library has been upgraded:

  • Rename / delete pose library items

  • Search in pose library

  • Resize the pose library thumbnails



  • Add support for Maya2020’s offsetParentMatrix plug

  • Add support for Maya2020’s blendMatrix node

  • Add support for Maya2020’s uvPin node

  • Add support for the fitBspline node

  • Add support for the visibility overrides

  • Add support for cMuscleSurfAttach.outRotate

  • Better support for the parentConstraint/orientConstraint interType shortest/longest modes

  • Better support for python scrits in mel, globals, GIL when issues using numpy

  • Add support for the global mel keyword

  • ffd deformer rework


  • Use the mouse wheel on animation tools sliders

  • Various Picker issues, sub menu, association, key release

  • Breakdown on curves selection

New In Version 1.1.1

Release date: 2021-10-28

Animation Tools

This update introduces multiple new animation tools and a new toolbar design to organize those tools.


The new toolbar design. The tools can now be used from the bar or from the popup menu. The bar can be re-organized by the animator.


The Breakdown tool using the new slider widget.


The Snap tool.


The Mirror tool.


New tools in the curve editor : Nudge Keys, Share Keys, Default Keys, Mirror Keys, Breakdown (tween)

Display Overrides


It is now possible to override multiple display attributes, per asset or USD/Alembic file.

The display overrides are inherited by child objects. The display overrides are :

  • Visibility : Visible, hidden, show at play, hide at play

  • Picking : The object can be selected

  • XRay : make the objects transparent

  • Occlusion : enable or disable the projection of ambient occlusion

  • Subdivision Limits : overrides the subdivision limit

  • Textures : enable or disable the use of textures

  • Lighting mode (PBR, Simple, Flat, Silhouette)

  • Rendering mode (Filled, Wireframe, Filled+Wireframe)

USD variants


Edit USD variants and the IsActive metadata.

Parametric Shapes


New shapes (disc, plane, cube, sphere, cylinder) are available. They come with parameters to change their size and the tesselation. It is now possible to change the shader color and opacity.

Other Features

  • It is now possible to choose the offset and the time step used to bake a layer into another one in “Full Keys” mode. One can use that feature to bake a layer on 2’s.

  • The Image Plane has a new Opacity attribute



Error logs in the Python console are back.

  • The Image Plane texture is now always displayed.

New In Version 1.1.0

Release date: 2021-10-13

This new public release introduces an in-depth USD integration, an intuitive Picker Tool, a modern Media integration (Video/Audio/Images sequence), and many more !

Rumba is now built with Python 3.7 and PySide2

USD Integration

  • Import USD and Alembic files.

  • Modify and animate any USD/Alembic attribute within Rumba.

  • The USD/Alembic content is displayed using the high performance Hydra OpenGL renderer.

Picker Tool

  • Select, manipulate your Asset controllers within the Picker.

  • Create/modify/save any picker to create your own.

  • The smart Picker option automatically links the Picker to the selected Asset.

  • Rumba comes with a pre-crafted default Picker.


  • Import any type of media (Video/Audio/Images sequence).

  • Easily edit your media clips within the Rumba timeline.

  • Display media on an Image Plane within your scene.

  • Preview media in a Media Viewer dedicated tool.

New In Version 1.1-rc.2

Release date: 2021-09-30

New Features


Silhouette and flat shading modes


Lock a camera


Curves snapshots


Inserting a key preserves the curve shape


Tools Scale and Thickness attributes. The default shortcuts are now +/-.


Selected nodes count in the Channel View

  • Option to show/hide Image Planes

  • Allow to assign shortcuts on numerical keys

  • Double clicking a pose in the library does not create a layer anymore by default. This behavior can be changed in the settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a crash in the picker with badly configured manipulators

  • Fix the display of ghosted keys

  • The viewport menus are correctly displayed and not cropped anymore

New In Version 1.1-rc.1

Release date: 2021-09-16


  • Alt+Left+Middle to zoom in the Curve Editor and the Viewport

  • Esc to stop the playback

  • Alt+A to toggle controllers visibility

  • Option for Maya-like middle click behavior in the curve editor and the timeline, see below for details

Curve Editor


Non-weighted tangents support (called Simple Tangents in Rumba)


The middle click Time Slider behavior can be changed for a Maya-like manipulation behavior using the setting Settings -> Curve Editor -> Middle Click Behavior -> Manipulation (Maya Style)

  • Dragging a key now selects it

  • Shift+Middle click on a key selects it

  • Press Shift before clicking the key to select and move it


  • A setting (Settings -> Timeline -> Key Display -> Dimming) to control the opacity of the keys of the non selected controllers.

  • The middle click Time Slider behavior can be changed for a Maya-like manipulation behavior using the setting Settings -> Timeline -> Key Manipulation -> Middle Click Behavior -> Manipulation (Maya Style)

Bug Fixes

  • Rigs using Mel expressions including “python” calls randomly crashed or froze Rumba

  • Font glitch on Linux with a second viewport

  • Fix a crash after saving the layout with a second viewport

  • Fix a crash after a CTRL+C on some controllers

  • Writing a letter in the channel box crashed Rumba

  • Crash reports are now saved locally in $(HOME)/.rumba if not sent online

New In Version 1.1-beta.5

Release date: 2021-06-30

New features

  • Set $RUMBA_USER_RESOURCES to specify extra resources folder to check for user icons

  • API to activate a camera

Bug Fixes

  • USD integration fixes

  • Playblast with USD

  • Saved layout restores duplicated tools

  • Picker Tool performances and minor fixes

  • Attributes Tool performances and fixes

  • Import video opens a dialog to trim/resize the video

  • Use constraint on manipulator

MTORBA improvement

  • Better euler decomposition in parent constraint and orient constraint

  • Crash exporting some rigs

New In Version 1.1-beta.4

Release date: 2021-05-17

Bug Fixes

  • NodeList issue

New In Version 1.1-beta.3

Release date: 2021-05-05

Bug Fixes

  • Expired certificates

New In Version 1.1-beta.2

Release date: 2021-05-04

New features

  • Motion Trails are now materialized by a specific node

Bug Fixes

  • Timeline performances

  • Layers id consolidation

  • Tab bar style

New In Version 1.1-beta.1

Release date: 2021-04-30

New features

  • Z reorder the Picker Areas with shortcuts

  • Motion Trails plugin

  • Generic Picker

Bug Fixes

  • Global performances

  • Crash on new USD

  • Init Picker Area position on creation

  • Attributes Editor performances

  • Pop when using Rotation

  • Missing and unreachable actions

  • DPI and secondary screen issues

  • FPS display

  • Playblast

  • Tablet on linux

New In Version 1.1-beta.0

Release date: 2021-05-05

This version is now based on Python 3.7 and PySide2, it introduces an in-depth USD integration, an intuitive Picker Tool, a modern Media (Video/Audio/Images sequence) integration, and many more !

Enhanced manipulation

  • Directly select manipulators or controllers

  • Transform manipulators using the regular transform tools

More Features

  • Python 3.7 and PySide2 scripting

  • View and edit the attributes of the current selection in the Attribute Editor

  • Duplicate or lock on selection the Attribute Editor and Picker Tool windows

  • Copy/paste a node

  • Change layer height in the timeline

  • Show All option on the Node List to display the Asset nodes hierarchy

  • Enhanced Motion trails

  • Overall performances improvement

Known Issues

  • Large video files can be long to import

  • Copy/paste is disabled on the media layer

  • Media clips can’t be moved from one layer to another using the drag n’ drop

New In Version 1.0.3

Release date: 2021-03-08

New features

  • An improved Breakdown tool window with a slider and more presets

  • Shortcuts to select the scale, rotation and translation channels, the default shortcuts are Shift+R, Shift+E, Shift+W

  • Shortcut to select the hovered object for tablet users, the default shortcut is G

  • Option to choose to not create a layer on a double click in the library

  • Option to choose the default tangent mode for the new keys

Bug Fixes

  • Bugs using the Breakdown tool on and outside the curve’s boundaries

  • Better handling of shortcuts with the better auto detection of the hovered window

  • Correctly unroll both layers curve cycles when merging a layer

  • Replace Reference was broken

New In Version 1.0.2

Release date: 2021-02-02

This version introduces a major curve editor improvement, orthographic cameras, and many others things.


The curve editor has been greatly improved.

Curve Editor improvement

  • A list of the curves is now available on the left for a quick selection.

  • Normal, stacked and normalized view of the curves.

  • A lattice tool is available to resize and freely deform the curve keys.

  • Full copy/paste support from the curve editor.

  • The controller selection can now be locked in the curve editor.

  • The selected curves can be “isolated” with a simple click.

  • The curve labels are now always visible.

  • Better tangents edition when the curve repeats.

  • Key insertion is now possible using CTRL+Middle click, or by dragging an existing key with CTRL.

  • The curve editor settings are now saved in the global settings.

  • Fix some issues with the delete shortcut and the selection.

  • New filters buttons to quickly hide/show tangents, infinity, lattice, lattice vertices.

New features

  • Reset overridden/animated channel values to their default values using the “Reset to Default” action, default shortcut is D and works on hover in the viewport.

  • Save and import nodes.

  • New actions to reach previous/next key within a layer no matter the current selection, by default on Shift+U and Shift+I.

  • Select library animation/pose controllers using the new context menu action.

  • Orthographic cameras.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issues when adding a key in a layer using timeline hover.

  • The zoom in picture pan is no more limited to the camera frame.

  • Toolbar buttons tooltips are back.

  • Ascii keys are triggering selected channel edit only when the mouse is hover the Channel Box.

MTORBA improvement

  • Add bezierCurve support.

  • Add deltaMush.distanceWeight, deltaMush.inwardConstraint and deltaMush.outwardConstraint support.

  • Fix the revolve and nurbsTessellate face orientation.

  • Add a first polyExtrudeFace support.

New In Version 1.0.1

Release date: 2020-12-04


The Agora Studio’s Thor rig exported from Maya

  • Floating licenses support. We can now provide a license server for the studio tests.

  • Normalmaps support

  • New shortcuts to select the X, Y and Z transform axes, by default on F6, F7 and F8

  • On integrated graphic card laptops, Rumba now starts by default on the dedicated GPU.

Bug Fixes

  • Slow selection on some rigs

  • The ArmManipulator now copes with negative determinant transforms

  • The HandManipulator now works if some phalanges are missing

  • A crash using the onion skin

  • A crash when computing derivatives of an empty spline


  • The Rumba Windows distribution now includes all the default Python 2.7 modules

MTORBA improvement

  • Add support for choice, eulerToQuat, floatCondition, floatLogic, inverseMatrix, nonLinear twist nodes

  • Add support for rad_to_deg and deg_to_rad expression functions

  • Compound and Array dynamic attributes are now exported

  • An error when nodes names are not unique

  • An error when the username includes non-ascii characters

  • The shelf Rename tool is back

  • The IK target now includes the target rotation pivot

  • Try to export related nodes that are not under the exported root group. For a simpler exporting workflow, please make sure to add everything under a single group.

  • The View/Export shelf commands now export the selected node

  • Exports the Ai Standard Surface basicColor, specularRoughness, Metalness and normalCamera (normalmaps only)

New In Version 1.0.0

Release date: 2020-11-01

  • The Seed2 rig has been updated with better facial controllers

  • Seed2 poses have been added to the library

Bug Fixes

  • Wrong auto tangent behavior on the curve boundaries

  • Better floating point number widget and sliders in the properties

  • Fix various Show/Hide/Delete shortcuts issues

  • Fix various library glitches

MTORBA improvement

  • Better Mesh linking action in the MTORBA shelf

  • Improve speed of wrap nodes using exclusiveBind

  • Crash on some shape without UVs

New In Version 1.0-rc.4

Release date: 2020-10-07

  • Support Advanced Skeleton rigs

Bug Fixes

  • New curves normalization

  • Freeze if web connections fails

  • Error at new scene

  • Handle unicode in the Script Editor

  • More robust workflow for Constraint Layers

  • Enabling/Disabling the animation cache was leading to issues

  • Show the percent of the added pose within the library

  • Better shortcut handling

  • Update single channel with the middle mouse button

  • Fastest “Curve” menu in the Curve Editor

  • Negative determinant in a matrix was leading to tranformation issues

MTORBA improvement

  • Elbow position mode in the ArmManipulator

  • Better IkSplineSolver

  • Better ramp support

  • Handle blendWeighted with sparse weights

  • Cluster handle with inherits xform off

  • Better scale constraint

New In Version 1.0-rc.3

Release date: 2020-07-01


  • No more limitation in the Non-Commercial license !

Bug Fixes

  • Better support for AMD GPU (Radeon Pro WX 8200 on Windows 10)

MTORBA improvement

  • Video and documentation about how to prepare a Rig in Maya for Rumba

  • Better tools to create and setup manipulators in Maya

  • Includes the weightDriver plug-in by BraveRabbit,

  • Includes the main MGear plug-ins,

  • Support for the ikSpringSolver

  • Better support for motionPath and splineIk

New In Version 1.0-rc.2

Release date: 2020-05-25


You already know an FK arm can be moved in IK in Rumba.


In the rc2, you can now move an IK arm in FK.


TSM rigs support. Rumba provides also a better TSM (The Setup Machine) rigs compatibility. Here is a direct export of the TSM3 sample.

Bug Fixes

  • New controllers where not hidden during playback nor by the controller filter switch

  • Better support for AMD GPU (Radeon 550 on Windows 10)

  • Better support for Intel GPU (Iris 550 on Windows 10, Intel HD Graphics 630 on Windows 10)

  • Better support for Wacom tablets, virtual sliders where broken

  • Wacom tablets can use the zoom in picture feature with CTRL+MMB

  • Random crash after loading and in Replace Reference

MTORBA Improvement

  • The tool which transfers the manipulator painting from a shape to another one has been re-written

  • Add makeThreePointCircularArc, nearestPointOnCurve support

  • pointOnCurveInfo, deleteComponent improvement

  • The ikHandle transform was not exported

New In Version 1.0-rc.1

Release date: 2020-05-08

  • You can now open and close documents

  • The mouse wheel now zooms the viewport


Unload/Reload references

Replace a rig for another one


Even if Rumba is very tight in memory, you may need to free the cache memory to do a nice playblast or handle a very large scene.


Rumba can now export sub samples in alembic files, here we have 1, 2, 3 and 5 samples rendered in Guerilla.

  • A Tool to remap the missing filenames at loading

  • Preview of the playblast aspect ratio in the viewport

  • Supports selection set coming from the Maya


  • Better NurbsCurve and NurbsSurface API

  • New MeshEdit API interface

  • A new API to export Alembic files, with support for the sub-samples

  • Python API documentation

  • More Python API binding

Bug Fixes

  • Animated alembic camera attributes are correctly read

  • A default layer is automatically created in an empty scene

  • A corrupted data model was leading to a wrong saved file, making it unable to be reopened

  • Crash report on Linux

  • Releasing a constraint with a transformed pivot was leading to a wrong position

  • Using the breakdown tool with layers may create wrong values

  • Crash during the manipulation

  • Crash moving the mouse over the viewport

  • A crash using malformed maracas expressions

  • Faster delete keys

  • Reduce the Alembic and cache memory usage

  • Smoother play and scrubbing

  • Lot more fixes..

MTORBA Improvement

  • avgCurve better support

  • blendShape dedicated plug-in

  • closestPointOnSurface support

  • deleteComponent support

  • detachCurve support

  • expression support for clamp and rand(), rand returns 0

  • loft better support

  • motionPath support

  • polyEdgeToCurve support

  • polyMergeVert support

  • polyMoveVertex support

  • polyNormal support

  • polyTweak support

  • ramp support

  • rebuildCurve support

  • rebuildSurface support

  • A Maya shelf tool to rename a manipulator

  • Better wrap with scaled geometries and nurbs surface drivers support

  • Smaller rumbanode files

  • nurbsSurface ControlPoints connections support